Sagrada familia

This is now a world heritage site and it’s the most beautiful church I’ve seen on my holidays. But the only things that weren’t pretty was the cranes and scaffolding.


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Today I went into the Bodleian library which is where the Harry Potter film was made. We got to see books that used to be on chains. They were up to 500 years old! There were millions of books in the library 📚. When we were...



I am coming BACK!!!!!!

Hello fellow humans, I know I have not posted anything on hear for a long time but I am going on a holiday in term 2 holidays and i will post stuff then.   Good Bye!!

Swiss Alps

On the first day we walked to a mountain lake. The water was pretty warm but Zoe thought it was freezing. We did bombies off the platform in the middle of the lake.  We had a contest to jump off but we couldn’t do it because Zoe...

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Lake Como

We spent 6 days in Lake Como in a place called Varenna. There was one day when it was pouring with rain and we took a ferry trip and we found an ice cream shop called Zoe’s Icecream.  I had an icecream that was blueberry and it...

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In Florence we only had one day. We went for a walk in the afternoon to visit the cathedral. The amazing bit of it was all the patterns that were made of marble.  

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We spent three nights in Rome.  The first morning we got a tour to take us around the Colosseum. They built the Colossuem 2000 years ago. The gladiators used to fight there. We also had an ice cream at place that sold 150...

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